A General Treatise for Solo Male Voice & Piano

Music by Franklin Piland

Lyrics by Sam Reese

Grade 3

Duration: 2 minutes

Instrumentation: male voice, piano

All proceeds are donated to the Native American Heritage Association.

Native American families suffer from food insecurity and hunger daily. Two of the poorest counties in America are on the Crow Creek and Pine Ridge Reservations in South Dakota. NAHA, with the help of generous donors, is committed to fighting hunger with emergency food supplies and basic life necessities. NAHA’s trucks leave their office every day with loads of nutritious food that will be delivered to Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Pine Ridge, Cheyenne River and Rosebud Reservations.


A General Treatise on the Superiority of Moustaches in Comparison to Naked Upper Lips is a comedic work, one of the results of the project “CollabFest 2013” with Sam Reese. 

CollabFest 2013 (initially proposed by Sam Reese) is the result of too much coffee, too much wine, and waking up far too early. Using suggestions from various mediums (Facebook friends, e-mail, Twitter, etc…) Sam and I worked up a series of short songs and poems to be read as a set, couple, or on their own. This particular idea is one of my personal favorites, drawing upon the humor of Sam’s inspired text, as well as the ideas of social stereotype and awkward adolescence. A particularly fitting work for young male singers, or men who cannot grow a decent moustache (my deepest apologies to you).

See more about this project, the six other short works, and Sam Reese’s work at: