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It’s About the People
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“Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, it’s about the people. Novel, intense experiences enhance the chance for meaningful human connections. Done well, they engender trust, an essential ingredient for making big things happen. […] If you’re seeking … Read More

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Over the last semester of my first year as Director of Bands and Orchestras at East Austin College Prep, a 3A charter school aimed at low-income families and at-risk youth, I have reflected on my teaching a lot. It’s a … Read More

Nico Muhly’s “Thoughts on being well”
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These last few days I’ve been contemplating many, many things. I won’t go into detail for various reasons, but I’d assume firstly that if you’re here reading this blog it’s not to read me warble my jumbled thoughts in list … Read More

Orchestra Reading
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I received a stunning reading of my in progress orchestral work, Tragedy of the Forgotten World. Commissioned by Richard Hall, an old friend and colleague from Eastern New Mexico University, this work acts as an Epic for Bassoon and Orchestra. … Read More

Composer Circle Feature
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On Analysis of Recent Music
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“The good composition will always reveal, on close study, the methods of analysis needed for its own comprehension.” – Edward T. Cone