Kayla Paulk

Vocal Coach / Accompanist, Eastern New Mexico University |

“Whether a work for saxophone and piano, small chamber group, wind symphony or choir, Franklin is a capable composer who is fluent in a myriad of compositional styles.  I have always found his music to be rhythmically varied and compelling, melodically intriguing and, at times, haunting, and formally well-balanced.  Perhaps the most captivating aspect of Franklin’s writing is that no two pieces are alike.  While many composers today seem to write each piece with a similar harmonic language or style, Franklin always manages to create something new in each piece he writes.  Never formulaic, Franklin’s music travels from dark mystery to ebullient and rhapsodic adventure within his current musical oeuvre.  I believe Franklin is always creating something new and fresh because he is first and foremost an active learner and listener.  His listening interests are diverse – from film scores to choral music – and his music is a delightful amalgamation of his unique compositional voice, informed by a depth of musical experience, knowledge and listening.  Additionally, Franklin is an active performer and conductor, which also gives his music an exciting dimension.  Give Franklin’s music a listen (or play).  I’m certain you’ll love it as I do!”