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A General Treatise
A General Treatise

For Solo Male Voice & Piano

Grade 3

Duration: 2 minutes

Notes on Digital Printing:

  • After purchase, music will be branded with buyer information and emailed. Please make sure to include a working email when ordering digital music.
  • PDF scores and parts may be printed ad nauseam for educational or non-profit purposes only, or for for-profit purposes where the purchaser of the work is DIRECTLY involved.
  • Copies cannot be made for re-sale or for recordings that incur revenue directly from their physical or digital sale. (Inquire about collaborating on a mechanical license agreement at
  • Prints can be made for: students, professional educational purposes, performances free to the public, or performances for community enrichment to low income areas or areas without easy access to art music.

Personal Note:
This site is moving over to primarily digital sale of sheet music to both match the evolving landscape of our music industry and to accommodate health risks due to COVID-19. The income from sales of my music directly affects my family’s well being, and in some cases where collaboration has occurred it also affects the well being of other talented musicians. Please do not illegally share music you purchase digitally for non-educational purposes or otherwise interfere with the sale of additional digital music copies. I ask that you have integrity in this process to ensure that I am able to continue producing music with and for others for years to come. 


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