An inside-out opera.

World premiere at the Cohen New Works Festival April 14-17, 2015 in Austin, TX.

  • Hailed as “brilliant,” “moving,” and “powerfully compelling,” the new opera Rose Made Man is a coming of age story of a trans man named Gabriel, but also a coming of gender story since Gabriel was assigned female at birth, but identifies as a boy. Born deaf and thus having never heard his gender clearly spoken by others, he lives in a relative bubble until age ten when he gains his hearing and feels the full force of how his identity unsettles society. The piece features a cast and chorus of 20 singers and chamber orchestra, with music by Franklin Piland and libretto by Tegan McLeod.

  • Original Cast
    Page Stephens, Gabriella/Gabe/Gabriel 
    Tyler Brown, Wally
    Czarina Vazquez, Marcelle 
    Joseph Quintana, Tanner 
    Katherine Wiggins, She Voice
    Dylan Morrongiello, He Voice
    Lauren Gusman, Teacher
    Jawan Jenkins, Principal
    University of Texas Collegium Musicum, chorus

    Original Orchestra
    Jillian Kouzel, oboe
    Ben Stevenson/Kristen Bundy, English horn
    Nick Clark, bassoon
    Jacob Schnitzer, horn 1
    Mike Mikulka, horn 2
    Casey Martin, trumpet
    Sara Sasaki, violin
    Brandon Clinton/Tim George, piano
    Franklin Piland/Brandon Clinton, synthesizer
    Kramer Elwell, electronics

    Original Creative Team
    Franklin Piland, composer
    Alex Byrnes, assistant to Mr. Piland
    Nick Clark, assistant to Mr. Piland
    Tegan McLeod, librettist
    Phillip Bernard, conductor
    David Toro, director
    Keenan Boswell, pianist/ lead coach
    Kelsey Vidic, costume designer
    Shimshon Zeevi, lighting designer
    Bruno-Pierre Houle, scenic designer
    Rachael Fitch, stage manager
    Archana Narasimhan, chorus manager
    Kathy Panoff, faculty advisor
    Joshua Miller, producer

  • 2015 Cohen New Works Festival

    Tuesday, April 14th – 12:00 pm (CST) – The University of Texas at Austin Lab Theatre

    Wednesday, April 15th – 2:30 pm (CST) – The University of Texas at Austin Lab Theatre

    Thursday, April 16th – 11:00 am (CST) – The University of Texas at Austin Lab Theatre

    Friday, April 17th – 10:00 am (CST) – The University of Texas at Austin Lab Theatre



    Saturday, April 25th – 7:00-9:00 pm (CST) – First English Lutheran Church 

  • Piano/Vocal Score: $50.00             Full Score: $175.00            Rental: Inquire at info@franklinpiland.com