Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Directed by DAVID SILVA. Produced by TIM CASE.

Music composed, orchestrated, and conducted by FRANKLIN PILAND.

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Franklin Piland's score to David Silva's "Oh, Sleeper" represents many unique qualities.  It retains the ability to enhance and compliment the depth of Mr. Silva's intriguing narrative.  Most importantly, Mr. Piland's music allows for the listener to interpret and visualize the intended emotions and scenarios.  Mr. Piland's score elicits that sense of dread, desperation, and near helplessness, mirroring the emotions of Mr. Silva's main protagonist.  Admist all of these emotions, however, lies that sense of hope.  Mr. Piland's score represents the amalgamation of helplessness and hopefulness, and overcoming the consequences of the masked flaws in a technological dystopia.Mr. Piland's work, altogether, represents something that is fiercely compelling.
Kurt Munz-Raper
Film Critic