Hark! for Unaccompanied Flute

Commissioned by Sara Maynerich

Duration: 5 minutes

Grade 4

Instrumentation: flute

All proceeds from this sale are donated to St. Joseph’s Indian School. St. Joseph’s Indian School is a small school in Chamberlin, South Dakota, which has served Lakota (Sioux) children and families since 1927. Their mission — to educate Native American youth mind, body, heart, and spirit — drives them to house and educate over 200 children each year.


Hark! was commissioned by and written for Sara Maynerich as a holiday solo flute work. I meshed together and rewrote some of Sara’s favorite holiday hymns and tunes (hinted at in the subtitle) to create this dynamic piece, at times beautiful and reflective, in others filled with energy and excitement. This work allows the flautist to showcase their technical and musical skill in an extremely accessible and celebratory manner. Sure to be the highlight of any winter holiday event!