General Information

The art you’ll see in this portfolio are diverse in nature: some are more juvenile (indeed literally, many dating from my high school years) where others are carefully planned and developed professional works. In addition to completed works, I’ve also included sketches of mine that I enjoy as pieces on their own, as beautiful conglomerations of mild planning paired with not enough time or desire for completion.

All of the art you’ll find on this page is available for sale. You can purchase the art in the shop here.

All the listed works are also available for framing, at the additional cost of materials only. Otherwise, purchased art will be delivered unframed, as-is.

5x5x5 Project

The 5x5x5 Project is aimed at making art easily accessible to all persons. For $5 I will create a piece of art 5in x 5in. Customers can choose from pencil (standard or colored), ink (monochromatic or multicolored), and pastel. Customers may request specific subject(s) or allow my imagination to run free. A 5x5x5 project can be ordered here.

Customized Maps

In addition to commissions for diverse new visual works, I would like to share a project “series” with you that I have become quite fond of the last few years. In a style quite reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings map artists, I regularly produce maps based on both fictional places and names as well as current geographic locations anywhere around the globe. These maps can be designed at any size, ranging from a small sheet of paper to a room-size expanse. A few shots of current projects can be found above. Prices for maps vary greatly depending on the size and detail of the project, as well as quality of materials desired. If you are interested in commissioning a map design, please direct all inquiries to


You can purchase all available art in the shop here.