Ownership of Digital Products
Post-purchase access to digital products granted through the website is associated to the registration of the person (User) who initiates the purchase. In the case of a digital purchase(s) made by a User on behalf of an institution, such as a school, church or other such organization (Entity), it is the sole responsibility of the Entity to notify Franklin Piland upon a separation of the User and Entity, so Franklin Piland may transfer access to another User, in order for the purchasing Entity to maintain access to the digital product(s).

Use of Digital Products
Products may be printed or copied as many times as needed by the purchaser only, for projects that the purchaser is directly involved in. Sharing of this material freely is strictly prohibited, and detrimentally affects the livelihood of the composer and his family. Please respect the work of the composer and do not steal or share freely (promote others stealing) music. Please do not post the material on any public sites where it can be freely accessed without purchase or by the general public. If sharing digitally with a group (professional, school, or community), great care should be taken to make the location private and accessible only by the ensemble members. Members may download the music from the emailed link only once, so please make sure you save the file properly before closing. The download link never expires, but can be downloaded only once.

Not only is this method of production more environmentally friendly, it makes music more easily and swiftly accessible for users, and by lowering production costs thereby lowers product cost. Offering the entire catalogue digitally is the best way to provide this music at an affordable rate that still provides a reasonable living wage for the composer.