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Hello again, everyone! It’s been a while…

In lieu of a formal blog post on what happened during my trip to Long Beach, California for the premiere of my latest work, an unaccompanied duet for soprano saxophone and trumpet entitled “The Mystics,” at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, I am going to briefly notify you of some important events about to happen. [I will post about California at a later, less-busy date.]

This Thursday will see the world premiere of mine and Sam Reese’s collaborative work, “The Road” for SATB choir a capella by the Amhránnua Chamber Voices, in addition to the New Mexico premiere of “The Mystics” by Drs. Ann Bradfield and Michael Ellzey. I anticipate stellar performances on both groups’ parts.

Sam and I have been participating in a new (what I expect to be annual) competition, CollabFest 2013. The post below contains the link to both the short musical compositions and the original short poetry/prose. The ideas were proposed by friends from social media sites, and were turned into inspiration for a set of seven original ideas completed by 5pm today (a little over a full day to write). The experience was not only enlightening and challenging, but genuinely beautiful. Collaboration really is the greatest event in music. Have a look and always feel free to leave your thoughts!

I am working diligently on a Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra for bassoonist Richard Hall, entitled “Craft.” A version for bassoon with piano reduction will be making the world premiere this summer.

This week is filled with rehearsals for the world premiere of “The Island,” Suite for Solo Flute, Brass, and Percussion. Brittley Bates will be delivering the premiere as the closer to her Junior Recital this Saturday, at 3pm in Buchanan Hall. I cannot wait to share more photos and recordings from the collaborations with The Greyhound Brass and Ms. Bates.

And finally, I am working feverishly towards a deadline for a short film called, “Oh, Sleeper,” directed by the talented David Silva. If a publicly accessible version becomes available you can bet your buttons you’ll hear about it here. Stay posted!


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