Time has flown

Time has flown

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With the world premiere of “The Mystics” on the horizon, my schedule anxiety was slightly solaced by the idea that we still had about two weeks to work it to performance ready. How time has flown! The premiere is only a little over a week away, and like any composer with deadlines I continue to make revisions and edits feverishly. Despite all the little details working against me, I am still highly optimistic for its performance. I discovered today that both saxophone professors from the University of New Mexico and New Mexico State University (in addition to Ann Bradfield, professor of saxophone at Eastern New Mexico University, who is premiering the work) will be in attendance – great representation from the state of New Mexico! “The Mystics” will receive its world premiere at California State, Long Beach April 5 and its New Mexico premiere April 25 at Eastern New Mexico University, Portales. Hopefully more premieres and performances will line themselves up accordingly (fingers crossed).

This last Tuesday saw our penultimate rehearsal before official recording of mine and Sam’s Irish collaboration with my latest choral work, “The Road.” The group is filled with talented musicians, and I anticipate a fine performance for this work. When the recording is completed you can rest assured it will be (over-)publicized on my part!


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