Nico Muhly’s “Thoughts on being well”

Nico Muhly’s “Thoughts on being well”

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These last few days I’ve been contemplating many, many things. I won’t go into detail for various reasons, but I’d assume firstly that if you’re here reading this blog it’s not to read me warble my jumbled thoughts in list form. One of the more pertinent thoughts, though, is how to approach my blog. Now that I am graduated from graduate school and professionally employed as faculty, I’ve been wanting to make something more of this page than just “Hey! Look what I wrote!” or “Yo! Listen to ANOTHER recording of a piece of mine! PLEASE LOVE IT!!!” Those posts will most certainly continue to exist here, but hopefully in small doses of indulgence. Rather, I’ve been feeling extremely isolated from community on multiple architectural levels and wanted a place to reach out and communicate in an honest and sincere manner on topics of a variety that I find important or intriguing. Even more so, I hope to create a dialogue. It is in dialogue that great things happen.

So, in my attempt to discover what makes a “good” blog and what I want my focus(es) to be, I started searching for blogs of composers and musicians whose posts resonate with me. That’s when I stumbled across Nico Muhly’s website and an absolutely fantastic and IMPORTANT post about “being well.” I won’t attempt to summarize or offer authoritative thoughts on the writing, mainly because I believe no one has said it better than Muhly himself. (If you don’t know of Nico Muhly, you need to. I had the fortune of meeting him briefly during his visit to the University of Texas and he is equally an entertaining and honest human, as well as a fantastic orator, writer, and composer.)

I’ll end this renewed attempt at a meaningful community dialogue by leaving the link to Muhly’s post below. It deals with deeper issues of being a musician, many of which I can strongly sympathize with and some of which I still struggle with. The phrase is heard too often, but in earnest I say, you will not regret it.

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