The deadlines are coming!

The deadlines are coming!

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I am VERY excited for the coming weeks! There is so much going on; but for now I will focus on the most immediate weeks.

This weekend I will be traveling to the University of Texas at Austin for my graduate interview. The process lasts the better part of a week, filled with interviews, luncheons, lectures, and concerts/rehearsals and is both exciting and daunting. I’ll be presenting my latest band work “Flourishes & Mechanations” for the faculty (Grantham and Welcher among them). Here’s hoping for the best!

I’ve been working steadily on “The Mystics” in a battle against the April premiere deadline. The first movement is completed, and the subsequent four (or five, I haven’t yet decided) are underway.

Working as a composer and engraver while being a full time student and performer is proving far more challenging that it has ever been previously. The demands of performing in three professional ensembles, preparing senior recital music, and (occasionally) addressing class homework is exhausting. Luckily I have my good friends coffee and rum to help push me through the deadlines.

Now back to the piano…

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