Update for interested persons

Update for interested persons

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It has been a while since I last announced the great things that have been blessing my life the last half year. But, I have made myself pay more attention to keeping interested persons properly updated on a regular basis. We’ll see how successful I am!

I am very excited to be working toward the world premiere of my concertino for tuba and piano, “Nine,” commissioned by Elizabeth Beaulieu. Virtuoso tubist Corey Rom and equally astounding collaborative pianist Andrew Boss will be delivering a master performance of the work this Spring, in addition to a professional recording session in collaboration with my colleague and master recording engineer Jake Moon. It is going to be good.

That same session week will include a first professional recording of my first official composition, “The Island,” a suite for flute, horn in F, and piano. The work was written for my past mentor and good friend Andrew Barnett, who first inspired my love of the French horn through his masterful horn playing and his constant advocacy of John Williams horn parts [chuckle, chuckle, chuckle, me feels].

And if all goes as planned, I will also be successful in making one of the first professional recordings of Rodger Vaughan’s “Three Songs for Soprano and Tuba.” The collaboration would include myself on tuba and the sultry and critically-acclaimed Lauren Cook singing soprano. I was fortunate to deliver a performance of this work at my Senior Masterclass Recital at Eastern New Mexico University with Lauren, and I think we were both excited at the thought of working together again. Digging deep into the music and its character, and finding the heart of the songs is easy when working with Ms. Cook.

Additionally, I am EXTREMELY excited to work with the University of Texas at Austin Men’s Chorus, directed by Christopher Larsen. The chorus will be delivering the world premiere performance this late Spring of my late work “The Darkest Evening of the Year.”

A choral work, “The Road,” written in collaboration with Sam Reese will be receiving its Texas Premiere April 6th in Lubbock, Texas by the top-notch voices of Canticum Novum. Lorissa Mason, their director, will no doubt deliver a spectacular interpretation of the pastoral work.

And all the while I am composing away, fighting deadlines, and tackling academia. The semester is going to be challenging, but I am so terribly excited for all the great things that are in store. Stay tuned, my friends!


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