My first post! (and some current projects)

My first post! (and some current projects)

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Hello all! I am excited to FINALLY have some tangible means of communicating with you all in one convenient place. What better a way to commemorate such an occasion than by rewarding work with more work (at least, the kind of work I WANT to do)?

I’m working on first talks with three directors and editors to start writing the scores to three films. I’ve already received the rough footage for one, and it is going to be quite entertaining. More details on these film projects soon-to-follow!

The next few weeks are filled with recording sessions and rehearsals for a couple of works of mine. “Heartsong” is getting both its chamber and orchestral recording, both lead at the helm by the extremely talented and gorgeous operatic soprano Audra Methvin. This stuff is gonna be good! Expect pictures and more info on this project throughout the coming weeks.

I am once again collaborating with writer and all-around genius Sam Reese on an a cappella work for SATB choir entitled “The Road.” We are nearing its completion and will also start rehearsals and recording for this song in the next few weeks. It’s simple; it’s Irish; and it is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to share it with you!

There’s a LOT more going on, even so early in the semester, but we’ll wait to explore those events until they happen. For now, it’s back to the cutting block. FDP

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