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The end of an era

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Tuesday, June 11, marked the date of my Senior Tuba Performance Recital / Masterclass and the final step of earning my undergraduate degree in Tuba Performance. The event was exhilarating, and extremely fun. Getting a chance to collaborate again with … Read More

Oh, Sleeper finally wakes up…

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The preliminary release of the original motion picture soundtrack to David Silva and Tim Case’s film “Oh, Sleeper” is finally here! Hard work from many individuals, musicians, and collaborators went into the successful premiere of this beautiful project. The score … Read More

Upcoming events

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Hello again, everyone! It’s been a while… In lieu of a formal blog post on what happened during my trip to Long Beach, California for the premiere of my latest work, an unaccompanied duet for soprano saxophone and trumpet entitled … Read More

CollabFest 2013!

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CollabFest 2013 (Initially proposed by Sam Reese) is the result of too much coffee, too much wine, and waking up far too early. Using suggestions from various mediums (Facebook friends, e-mail, Twittah, etc…) Sam and I worked up a series … Read More

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